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Trip at Europe (1 out of 11) Venice-Italy!

     I am  Leo wu and I am 11 years old ! I will be introducing my 1st trip in  Europe  !  First of all somebody might be curios and ask "Why can this guy go to so many places in  Europe?  ".  Let me tell you why.  I am the son of an embassy, My dad have to go to Poland (A country in Europe) to work.  Every 3 years I have to go to a new place.  So that's why I can go to Poland.  So my 1st trip was in Venice-Italy!

 Credit@ www.italyguides.it

Me and my family drove to Venice. The first day we stayed at the hotel.

The next day. We went to see old towns of Venice (The art of Venice is very beautiful !) . 

Next we went to the boat harbor waiting for the boat to arrive.

Finally we got inside!

This is called the "Gondola". Usually the length is 10.85 meters, width is 1.40 meters, and the weight is 350 kilograms. Made up of around 280 wood pieces.

Look at this handsome guy right here! Rowing our boat!

It's so relax sitting on the boat and watching the view. 

You should try to visit Venice and don't miss out the FUN!!!

This is my first time writing this so if I didn't wrote it well please leave a comment and I will try my best to improve this. Thank you very much! ^_^ :)


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